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I have not been to Antartica, nor swim with dolphins. I am planning to buy a road bicycle although it always comes down to that or a new set of camera gear. But I have travelled a fair bit, observed and experienced life in different places, created a lot of still (and sometimes moving) pictures for myself and others.


My desire is to bring out the beauty, strength, grace and energy in people. I work a lot with non-models, ordinary people that I place in situations that highlight an aspect of who they aspire to be or just who they are in the moment.


You won't find any Palm d'Or badges on my web nor an undisputed title of 'Top 10s' photographer to go for. I'd be grateful if I do but creativity is dynamic, unique and unpredictable. I've been taking pictures long before it was hip to have those.

I believe deeply in authenticity, teamwork and family.

Let's be friends, better yet, let's buy a road bike and aim for the Tour de France before my receding hairline catches up.

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